Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Kind of Salvation

So, I (obviously) haven't posted anything in donkey's years but this got me so excited that I just want to tell the world. Because, ya know people still read this blog and stuff.

I've been an a serious Features kick since seeing them at The Dame earlier this month and was pretty devastated when they didn't bring a stitch of merch with them. I would gladly give those boys all of my money if they would only let me.

Anyhoo, the band has been working on Some Kind of Salvation, their second full-length, for what seems like ages now and in my search to find something, anything out about the album I stumbled upon their page on the music trading and purchasing website Much to my delight I realized that they are streaming Some Kind of Salvation in its entirety. Joy! Unfortunately though, after you listen to a track once, you only get paltry 30 second clips after that. I haven't tried opening the page in a new browser though. I'm sure it's a fairly easy roadblock to get around.

The band has been performing about half these songs for months and months now and even included an updated mix of "Wooden Heart" from their Contrast EP. The songs are all freaking great, classic singalong Features fare, the high points being "Gmf," "The Temporary Blues" and "Lions." You really just can't beat those Features; they are easily the best modern rock band on the planet. Hands freakin' down.

There is still no release date for the album and the band is currently without a label. Perhaps they're shopping it around and that's what is causing the delay. The Features are real do-it-yourself kinda guys but I wouldn't blame them if they signed to a new label. It's nice to not have to do all the promo grunt work.

The Features - Some Kind of Salvation

1. Whatever Gets You By
2. The Drawing Board
3. Foundation's Cracked
4. Gmf
5. The Temporary Blues
6. Wooden Heart
7. The Gates of Hell
8. Still Lost
9. Baby's Hammer
10. Lions
11. Concrete
12. Off Track
13. All I Ask

stream the album on
"Gmf," "Baby's Hammer" and "Lions" are also currently streaming on the band's Myspace page