Thursday, June 30, 2005

Things to do tomorrow:

1. Tell my kitty that I love her.
2. Hang out in airports all day.
3. Go to Kentucky.
4. Hug and kiss my friends.
5. Slap on my party pants and dancin' shoes.
6. Get loaded in downtown Lexington.
7. Hug and kiss my friends some more. (Probably some more than others. And with more tongue.)
and finally,
8. Pass OUT!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

just outside of Louisville

Yeah, that looks about right.

The trailer and a "first look", super duper long trailer are finally up for Elizabethtown. The website claims that it is going to be in theatres (only!) in October 2005. The movie actually looks really cheesy and like it's probably pretty bad. If the trailers are an accurate depiction of the film then I am going to be so sick of looking at Orlando Bloom's face by the time it's over. Mostly though, I just hope that no matter how bad it is, that it is NOT a Garden State 2. God, that would be fucking tragic. But, what the hell; it's Cameron Crowe, right? He's good; he knows what he's doing. And he loves music, so at least it's a pretty sure thing that the soundtrack will contain lots of fun twists and turns. He is still championing Elton John, as evidenced in the longer trailer. Oh, and the boys (all except for the keyboard player, I think?) from My Morning Jacket are in the movie as well, which I think is pretty cool. Cameron is keeping it hometown proud by casting a band from Louisville. But it seems that they are not appearing the movie as My Morning Jacket but just as the band in which one of the characters, Jessie, plays drums. Hopefully there are some nice landscape shots of the KY in all its green glory. I'll go see the movie just for that. Oh, and to reminisce on the night when Loudon, Kirsten and Orlando came to Lexington and we took Kirsten and Orlando to The Bar, where they proceeded to not dance because they were too stoned. And I was too loaded to form complete sentences so I didn't much try to talk to them. Kirsten only had eyes for Clint anyway. They were very nice though. I'm just sad that Paul Schneider, who was also in All The Real Girls, didn't come. Or Judy Greer (she played Kitty, the assistant in Arrested Development). She is hilarious! But I am very thankful that there was no Jessica Biel popping up at The Dame that night. I can't imagine what it's like to have to look at her face in real life! Yikes. But Orlando and Kirsten were representing properly on their own. And all of us have this unlikely story to tell all of our friends forever and ever. Whenever I tell someone about meeting them the reaction is always, "What??!! You met them in Lexington? Blah blah. What the hell were they doing there?!" I keep trying to tell everyone, Lexington's where it's at. No one listens. I get no respect.

regular trailer

the longest trailer of all time

Friday, June 24, 2005


It's official; I am spending July 1st - the 10th in the ever exciting land of Kentucky! I am oh, so happy that I will be hugging and kissing all of my far away friends again. My mom and little bro too. I can only be invited to my 3 year old brother's house to play in his room with him while watching the Spongebob Movie so many times before I completely cave. He's quite phone savvy, that one. That coupled with his preternatural (thank you, Royal Tenenbaums) understanding of the little kid guilt trip makes his demands that I visit nearly impossible to oppose.

I did not get him stoned previous to the taking of that photo; that's just how he looks. Except for he usually has a shirt on and pants off. Other than my babe, Mark, I hope to spend lots of quality time with the likes of Marci a-go-go, Robert effin Schneider, Zebra, JNI, Nickalicious, Tony, Greg B, Seandd and etc etc. (Steven, how often do you come visit?) It would be nice to come across some other folks like Rock and Honey, Shannon, Nan, Clint, EmilyV and her wee babe but we're all too backward to try to call one another to arrange something so hopefully at least some of us will find ourselves getting loaded in a similar area of town. There aren't too many choice spots to do that in either so I look forward to everyone and their dog getting the chance to ask me about how unbearably hot it is here in the NO. And it is.
The Cloud Room are playing at the Southgate House while I am home so I think I'll probably go look at them. There was a little talk about them a couple months ago because Arcade Fire was spotted at one of their shows. I heard one of their songs, "Hey Now Now", which I thought was just regular at the time. But apparently, according to their website, CMJ claims it is fit for an iPod commercial. That's serious talk.
Land of the Dead opens today. Amberly is so psyched to see it that she can barely see straight. At least the undead in this one are not fast-moving like in the Dawn of the Dead remake. That will make them far less scary, at least to me. I hope. I'm totally interested to see a modern George Romero zombie movie though. We're going tomorrow night; I am hopeful that it is going to be awesome.

np - Electrelane - "Birds"

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Frankie In The Quarter

Guess who my roommates and I were lucky enough to cross paths with last Saturday in the French Quarter. That's right, Frankie Muniz.

Speaking of Frankies, does anyone remember the song "Fuck Frankie" from the Marilyn Manson Smells Like Children album? Yipes.

np - woxy

that happy clappy band

Gawrsh. Lookit how popular Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is getting all of a sudden. Every blogger in town is raving on and on about them, Pitchfork gave their self-titled album a 9.0 AND David end-all-be-all Bowie is going to see them in concert. Hmm, last time I heard about Mr. Bowie making a special appearance at a show was the Arcade Fire back in January or so. Hopefully, CYHSY can follow in their many footsteps and be all wonderful and popular because I think they're really good. The Pitchfork review is right on, in my opinion. For once. Part late 80's modern rock, part Talking Heads(seriously, David Byrne's vocals are being channeled here), part Modest Mouse. ALL GOOD.

yay mp3's!
In This Home On Ice
Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood
Over And Over Again (Lost & Found)

np - Six Feet Under Soundtrack Vol. 2

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Paisanos and Goths unite.


Super Mario Bros music/Nine Inch Nails - "Closer" mash-up.
Jake Fogelnest told me about it, so you can thank him.

np - The Fame - "Lost In You"

Monday, June 20, 2005

Everything's better with floof.

This is Pumyra (pronounced Poo-mere-uh); she is my #1 favorite kitty of all time. She's certainly not the nicest kitty but we've known each other a long time and I have gotten pretty good at sensing when she's about to play bite or bite for real. She is 4 years old but still kitten-sized. I think maybe that has something to do with her surly demeanor. She has little kitty syndrome. I love her.

This is Amberly's Hareton. He's my roommate and my 2nd favorite kitty ever. This is mostly due to his love of computing and the fact that we are bed buddies. I'm going to adopt him one day.

I am bitchin' by default.

I just ordered the above shirt from Defunker and, let me tell you, it is so bitchin'.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Texas Instruments

Honestly, I don't know why I think this is funny. Maybe it's because it instantly makes me think back on my high school days, when I finally entered real math classes, and had to purchase a TI-82 and had no fucking idea how to work it. Imagine, or remember rather, just discovering this horrifying thing called a "parabola" and seconds later being instructed how to create one on this calculator that is before you. Nevermind that there are so many buttons, most with like 43 functions, that one of them surely launches rockets somewhere. Really the only thing I utilized my Texas Instrument for was to try my damnedest to figure out how to cheat on tests and store every possible formula somewhere in that honkin' thing. Usually somewhere I was never able to locate again, or would accidentally erase immediately. After completing Algebra 2, much to my relief, I lost track of my TI-82. I don't know what the hell happened to it but years later, in college, I had to purchase a TI-83 and then had no fucking idea how to work it. God damn MATH 109.
On second thought, this whole TI-83 business isn't funny at all. Although, I guess the TI's have only tried to ease my math pain so perhaps I should be thankful. I sort of feel like it's okay to embrace the TI's. Luckily there were always people even more ignorant than I, who needed even more instruction on how to operate the machine.
Jesus, I almost forgot how math retarded I am. I should probably be getting checks from the government. Or at least be issued some sort of handicap permit for my car.

np - Youth Group - Skeleton Jar

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I almost forgot,


np - MJ - "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

The early bird gets the unreleased music!

My Sufjan Illinois cd already came in the mail! It arrived yesterday in all it's glory. Asthmatic Kitty is awesome. Man, I love ordering albums directly from the record labels. Generally, I find that if I'm preordering, they come much earlier than if ordered from Amazon or someplace like that. Also, they usually tend to include some extra junk that may or may not be fun. And I loooove junk.

I think this, from, is somewhat absurd:

Now you can save text on your iPod. You know, just in case you're out and need to read some inspirational haiku and have forgotten your handy mini-sized Inspirational Haiku Book (<-- that's the title) at home. I guess.
I just don't fully understand the concept of being able to do things like read a poem (or Leaves of Grass, wtf?) on your iPod, or check your email on your cell phone. Wouldn't you be scrolling down like every half a second? I barely have enough patience to text message.

np - Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sufjan invites you...

Sufjan Stevens' Illinois isn't released until July 5, 2005 but you can preorder from Asthmatic Kitty now and they will send it along in about a month's time. The cd is only $10, which was too cheap for me to pass up. (It's $13.99 on Amazon.) The coinciding Illinois poster is pretty cool too with Abe and the spaceships and all.

np - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - "Over and Over Again"

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Today, thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, I learned something great. In addition to being able to Google in all of the languages of the world you can also try these:
Bork, bork, bork!
Elmer Fudd
and Pig Latin!
Either pig latin or bork! would have to be my preferred method. I mean, pig latin is the all time funniest dialect but you can't really beat hearing everything in your head spoken in the Swedish Chef's voice. Though I am pretty damn easy to entertain. I think that it's funny that you can Google in Swahili. Ummnn, like anyone who speaks Swahili knows how to work a computer! Come on, people!

To DJ,

I apologize. I really didn't intentionally leave the pickleloaf there for you to be confronted with for all of eternity. I promise to post and post until it's migrated safely down the page and, eventually, into the oblivion of archives.