Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do do do do do doooooo

The High Water Marks - Polar album review

It’s been three years since The High Water Marks’ debut album Songs About The Ocean was released; at long last the follow up, Polar, is finally here. The disc is 13 tracks long and is being brought to you by Athens, GA label Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

Anyone who has ever heard the band before knows what they’re all about, the hook-laden, guitar-driven, bouncy pop tune. Polar delivers all that and more.

The fact that all four of the band members were involved in the recording process adds an obvious dynamic in the songs that some on SATO seemed to be missing. Per Ole Bratset and Hilarie Sidney both seem more comfortable in their singing here than ever before, regardless of which of them is taking the lead. Check “Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy” for a wonderful example of a pop band at their best, with everyone shining.

While Polar is ultimately following in the footsteps of its predecessor, it is also breaking a lot of new ground for the band with the slicker, more hi-fi recordings, and further incorporation of delightful alternative instruments.

Check out the band's myspace page for a preview of the title track and pick up your own copy of Polar at hhbtm.com.

1. Polar
2. The Leaves
3. Early Fall
4. Song For Emigrants
5. Simple
6. Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy
7. Finding Clovers
8. Dutch Tape
9. Roadside Revival
10. Poison Remedy
11. For Sirkel
12. Sirkel
13. Etter Sirkel

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can totally feel it.

The Apples in Stereo recently launched "The Super Hi-Fi ReMix Contest" in which everyday folks like you and me are given the opportunity to download each separate audio track of the Apples single "Can You Feel It?" and mix and mash them as we see fit. The contest is being hosted at imeem (they make you sign up to participate) and it's there that you can find the tracks and upload your own personal "Can You Feel It" mix.
I made one myself last night and it was really fun! It's quite novel to be able to pick apart a song like that and truly see how everything is coming together. My version highlights the mellotron and piano in the song, utilizing the piano as the lead rather than the guitar. I for one find it quite refreshing.
There are some prizes for the winners (grand prize and runner up) of the contest, one being the inclusion of the #1 mix in the digital version of the Apples b-sides and rarities album download. But the prizes are sort of negligible in this case; it's the act of mixing itself that is the really fun part.

Without further adieu, the SuperDuperMellotronReMix:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Introducing ...

Tony and I did a cover of The Apples in Stereo song "The Shiney Sea" (from Her Wallpaper Reverie) some months ago for an upcoming Apples Tribute (details are hazy). It wasn't really an IFD or Melody Function project so we chose the #1 in our running list of best band names ever and we are now The Veronica Vaughns. Expect more VV to come.

Until then, check the cover: