Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gimme anything, but quickly!

Spoon's 5th full length album, Gimme Fiction, is finally finished. It is set to be released on 5.10.05 on Merge.

1. The Beast and the Dragon, Adored
2. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
3. I Turn My Camera On
4. My Mathematical Mind
5. The Delicate Place
6. Sister Jack
7. I Summon You
8. The Infinite Pet
9. Was It You?
10. They Never Got You
11. Merchants Of Soul

So far, I have only heard tracks 6 and 7, Sister Jack & I Summon You respectively. They are both mid-tempo, fairly characteristic Spoon tracks. Perfect follow ups to 02's Kill The Moonlight. Amberly and I were feeling extra frisky one evening last December and went and saw Spoon at Tipitina's. It was a nice show. It didn't change my life or anything but it did make me happy and afterward I wondered how I could have forgotten how much I loved this band.

Spoon - Revenge! A track from Wired Magazine's compilation cd that was included with issue 12.11. All tracks were produced under the Creative Commons License which means that all songs are allowed to be used by anyone for any purpose other than as an advertisement. Right on.

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DJ said...

They played three times in Austin while I lived nearby, but each show sold out before I had the chance to get away from that fucking job. They're my favorite band I've never seen. Good thing they release/tour like mad, I'm still holding out.