Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wow, and I thought Ana wrecked him.

So, apparently Daniel Johns from early 90's Silverchair fame is now totally muscley, tattooed, pierced and looks exactly like Kevin Federline. What the fuck happened to the little, 90 lb surfer boy with the blonde ratty hair that I knew and sorta loved?
I know; this doesn't seem possible but look it:

There are a slew more photos here. I just chose that one because it looks most like him; you can't deny that mouth considering how incessantly we were all staring at it while watching the "Tomorrow" video for the 500th time. Yes! That scary pig-man. I know I will never forget it.


DJ said...

Once upon a Woodford County Kentucky Shotgun Wedding Reception, I played a Best Man + Dj. I was handed the *new* Silverchair cd by the Groom and told, "Here ya go, and if you try to play any of that 'Pavement' shit I'll kick your ass." It was among the cds I eventually puked on. Good times Daniel, good times.

steven garrett said...

that sticker "ban duck..."
i say ban putting a stickers on
such wonderfully beautiful
hand-crafted instruments.
o as for the blonde ratty hair.
the hat makes me think he is going
bald...just a hunch.
miss you