Monday, April 11, 2005


Jesus, the cover of Time. It is the Canader version, which is like a knock off of anything that matters, but that is their native homeland after all. Everyone else in Canada must be so pumped up that they can't even see straight. FINALLY! Something they can be proud of!
Good to know that the Arcade Fire's machine for taking over the world is still working. We'll all be dressed in hip funeral attire, marching behind Win Butler while banging on shoulder slung drums and each others motorcycle helmets before too long. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

aye? is actually eh?
i only know that because after only ten days of being in canada it;s all i could still say at least once a day and that has been forever ago since i was there...sgh

Joseph said...

Dumb broad. The Arcade Fire sucks compared to Clutch.

samantha fay said...

well, Joseph i don't really know what Clutch has to do with arcade Fire being on the cover of Time magazine but i'll keep your opinion in mind whenever i listen to the old AF. also, good to know that you still seek me out on the interneck!

and steven, you're totally right about the whole aye/eh thing.

Joseph said...

I was just trying to point out your bad taste in music, compared to mine.

samantha fay said...

okay "Joseph", the jig is up. the real Joseph let me in on the fact that you're doing to him what he and i did to one another profusely (trying to make his life hell, via the internet and other devices.) about ehh...6 months or so ago. so, i know you're not actually him. i was a little suspicious when the worst insult you could come up with was "dumb broad"; things got much nastier than that.
keep insulting me though, you may just need a little practice.