Thursday, May 05, 2005

Baby, I'm bad news...

Rilo Kiley have a video for the best song on their latest album, More Adventurous, "Portions for Foxes". I thought it wouldn't hurt to link to it on here for 3 reasons:
1.) Jenny Lewis is the cutest indie rocker girl ever. How anyone could ever resist her stunning fashion sense AND the fact that she starred in the classic film The Wizard alongside Fred Savage, well, I'll never know. How can any NES loving child of the 80's not love her unconditionally solely based upon that fact? (Maybe I need to devote an entire post on my undying love for The Wizard. Yes. Yes, I do.)
Alright, anyway... back to Jenny's current project, Rilo Kiley.
2.) The song, "Portion for Foxes", in case you forgot during my rant, is fun.
And 3.) The taxidermy.

The members of Rilo Kiley, amidst stuffed dead things, mildy rocking out in various fashionable outfits found below, in various formats to please Zebra.
Windows Media Player


Christopher said...

Did I ever tell you that my brother built an arcade cabinet for his NES and named it The Wizard in honor of The Wizard? KAHLIFORNNNNNEA. That autistic kid was a jerk though.

samantha fay said...

that is pretty cool of your brother? is he the same person that loves soda and even has cans of clear pepsi lying about? i'd like to meet him one day; he sounds magical.