Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The early bird gets the unreleased music!

My Sufjan Illinois cd already came in the mail! It arrived yesterday in all it's glory. Asthmatic Kitty is awesome. Man, I love ordering albums directly from the record labels. Generally, I find that if I'm preordering, they come much earlier than if ordered from Amazon or someplace like that. Also, they usually tend to include some extra junk that may or may not be fun. And I loooove junk.

I think this, from i.am.large, is somewhat absurd:

Now you can save text on your iPod. You know, just in case you're out and need to read some inspirational haiku and have forgotten your handy mini-sized Inspirational Haiku Book (<-- that's the title) at home. I guess.
I just don't fully understand the concept of being able to do things like read a poem (or Leaves of Grass, wtf?) on your iPod, or check your email on your cell phone. Wouldn't you be scrolling down like every half a second? I barely have enough patience to text message.

np - Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise

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