Thursday, June 16, 2005

Texas Instruments

Honestly, I don't know why I think this is funny. Maybe it's because it instantly makes me think back on my high school days, when I finally entered real math classes, and had to purchase a TI-82 and had no fucking idea how to work it. Imagine, or remember rather, just discovering this horrifying thing called a "parabola" and seconds later being instructed how to create one on this calculator that is before you. Nevermind that there are so many buttons, most with like 43 functions, that one of them surely launches rockets somewhere. Really the only thing I utilized my Texas Instrument for was to try my damnedest to figure out how to cheat on tests and store every possible formula somewhere in that honkin' thing. Usually somewhere I was never able to locate again, or would accidentally erase immediately. After completing Algebra 2, much to my relief, I lost track of my TI-82. I don't know what the hell happened to it but years later, in college, I had to purchase a TI-83 and then had no fucking idea how to work it. God damn MATH 109.
On second thought, this whole TI-83 business isn't funny at all. Although, I guess the TI's have only tried to ease my math pain so perhaps I should be thankful. I sort of feel like it's okay to embrace the TI's. Luckily there were always people even more ignorant than I, who needed even more instruction on how to operate the machine.
Jesus, I almost forgot how math retarded I am. I should probably be getting checks from the government. Or at least be issued some sort of handicap permit for my car.

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Christopher said...

I still have/use my TI-82. The form factor of the TI-82 is much classier than the 83 in my opinion. The 82 is black and boxy and isn't meant to be cool looking. But then the 83 came out and it's *curved* and soft looking. Dammit people it's a calculator not an airplane fuselage. Quit making things that aren't meant to fly aerodynamic. Why do all these things have to be aerodynamic?! It's so STUPID!

steven garrett said...

wow i never made it to one of those classes...never got one of those calculators..would have finished college if not for math..i couldn't even pass 108 and it didn't even count...o well i'm dumb,,,so i paint

samantha fay said...

s, don't worry. i totally feel your pain. it was quite a struggle for me to defeat Math 109, i promise you.
it's okay though, we don't need to know math. that's what we have guys like zebra for.