Thursday, June 23, 2005

that happy clappy band

Gawrsh. Lookit how popular Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is getting all of a sudden. Every blogger in town is raving on and on about them, Pitchfork gave their self-titled album a 9.0 AND David end-all-be-all Bowie is going to see them in concert. Hmm, last time I heard about Mr. Bowie making a special appearance at a show was the Arcade Fire back in January or so. Hopefully, CYHSY can follow in their many footsteps and be all wonderful and popular because I think they're really good. The Pitchfork review is right on, in my opinion. For once. Part late 80's modern rock, part Talking Heads(seriously, David Byrne's vocals are being channeled here), part Modest Mouse. ALL GOOD.

yay mp3's!
In This Home On Ice
Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood
Over And Over Again (Lost & Found)

np - Six Feet Under Soundtrack Vol. 2


Le Lion said...

dude, ive been hearing so much about them-- my boss was blasting them in his office the other day and i was all "david byrne???" yeah, i really dig it. and theyre cute too...!

ps, i linked you. hope thats okay :)

samantha fay said...

heck yes, it's okay! i linked you too. so, we're all set. now, let us all type many witty and entertaining things for each other to enjoy!

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