Friday, July 15, 2005

There is an epidemic claiming our youth...

At first I thought this Stop EMO Haircuts video was sort of hilarious. That is, until I noticed that they utilize the term "gay ass" and list the video's tag as "Fags". That sort of thing generally leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when I don't know the people that are utilizing them. I do agree with the overall message. I never have been much of a fan of the emo hair, though still a sucker for the baby mohawk. Or feaux-hawk. (But what kind of boy would admit to having a "feaux-hawk"? really.) Also, what was up with it being all boys? There are a mighty lot of unsightly emo haircuts on ladies too. Oh well, maybe the death metal men that made the video don't mind the ladies emo do's so much. Thay can still want to have sex with them and feel okay about it, since they're ladies and all.

(As I was writing the above post I realised that Zebra posted a link to the exact same thing earlier. Whatever dude, I'm putting it up anyways.)

While we're on the topic of funny haircuts, I think I'll talk about mine. While I was home I got my mother to cut my hair. I told her I wanted pseudo-bangs and lots of layers. I can't get real bangs due to an unfortunate cowlick on my hairline. So, allow me to recount the exact moment when I realised I was going to have 80's hair. While my mother was snip-snip-snipping away I could see that some pieces of hair were like way, way shorter than some others and I asked her, "Mom, are you giving me an 80's haircut?"
To which she scoffed, "What? No." And then she thought about it for a second and she was like, "Well, actually I guess this could be considered sort of 80's." Then I laughed at the fact that my mother just admitted that she was in the middle of making me look 80's. But really, it's totally cool and looks good. Oh, we also dyed it red. I wanted it to be the same red as Kate Winslet's in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when she and Joel are in his memory in the what? 60's? when he was 4 and crawling under the table? Remember how gd cool Clementine's hair was in that scene? Man. (Here too.) Well, anyway, my mom refused so I settled for one shade more normal than Clementine's. Plus, the tips are still black from when Emily and I dyed it black for mine and Marci's Axl and Slash Halloween costumes almost 2 years ago. So, it's mostly red but with black on the tips of the longest pieces. (In case you're having trouble visualising, it looks super cool.) Really though, I think I would have been fine with my new hair no matter what decade it harkened back to. I was so tired of having the hair style "LONG" that I could've died.
I totally love having dyed hair. I think if my hair was lighter I would just dye it constantly, until it fell out I suppose. Then I could just wear my pink wig every day. Everybody wins.


Le Lion said...

im getting a haircut next wendsday and im SO. EXCITED. post a photo, lady!

samantha fay said...

okay, i'll do it!