Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i am hobby

Amb bought me a button maker like one year ago and I never could think of anything super cool to make into a button so I haven't used it. Until tonight. Amb and I watched part of Empire Records a couple weeks ago and I got a hankering to recreate Deb's "STU-PID" button that she gave to A.J. and that got me to thinking on some other potential homemade treasures. Linda has been wanting to go out and kiss some boys and she special requested one button so that she could maybe make a few extra bucks at the same time, hence the top button. The other is a product of my brain.

(This is what they look like, except cooler. And rounder. I cut out the text on the first one and glued them all on separately so it looks more fun.)

Button making is a lot of hard work but it sure is fun!

np - Iron And Wine - "Muddy Hymnal"


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