Friday, August 05, 2005

My robot friend

My friend Seandd is galavanting about the East right now "working"; he's in Tokyo at the moment and we were just emailing about how cool it is. His evidence was this:

"...the cool thing, too, is that they have robots everywhere. like, when they have road construction, instead of having a dude standing there with a sign, they have a robot that looks like a construction worker, and he has a sign and an arm pointing to the alternate route..."

God, that really blows the coolness factor of those Lexington segway cops WAY out of the water. Robots dressed as government workers and performing their duties is like the coolest effin thing I've ever heard!!


Anonymous said...

the only thing that i can think of that may be cooler than that was when i met my hero, jack wagner, last year.

i'm glad i finally merited a blog mention, btw. it's about time, dammit!

- sdd

samantha fay said...

sean, you never even watched jack wagner when he played Frisco (who i thought was the hottest man alive when i was 7) on GH in the 80's so don't even front.