Sunday, August 21, 2005

Six Feet Under

I am mildly obsessed; it's just too great and so nice to look at. I think I would be more bummed about it being over had I seen all the episodes but I've only seen the first and last seasons. At least I can still watch the ones in between. The females on the show are just tremendous! And all of the characters are such messes that I couldn't not watch.

np - Page France - "Rhythm"


DJ said...

Yup. Been a Netflix obsession of mine all year, after Bravo! burned me out on West Wing. Not that they compare. One is sweet, one is salty. SFU makes me cry after a four beers. (You know, when I'm not uh, workin' out.)

Le Lion said...

dude, so while i was in KY all hopped up on anesthesia (sp?) after getting my wisdom teeth out, my mom rented me the first season. i am now OBSESSED. its fantastic.