Thursday, December 22, 2005

Funk to funky.

This turned out so nicely that I thought it best to post on the inter net.

What song was #1 when you were born??

Okay, for me, August 30th, 1980, (uh and bernie the jew, kenny, greg backus, lisa ling + lisa ling's twin) the #1 song in the UK was "Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie and well, the first time I tried it I swear it said the #1 song in the US was "Rock With You' by MJ but I guess I willed that to happen. It was actually "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, which I have never heard in my life. (Ahh, mystery solved it was #1 on January 30th, 1980. I forgot to change the month. Mournful sigh.)

I am heading (back) to the KY tomorrow for the rest of the holidays. I am looking forward to watching my freshly-turned-4 year old brother go apeshit on all of his xmas gifts, playing with my friends, and hugging and kissing my attractive boyfriend. I'm also hoping to receive no gifts with Santa or any type of snowman or nativity scene emblazoned across sweatshirt material. It can happen this year, I feel it! Come on Mom, I know you feel it too! We need to get past this!

I have been listening to Supergrass nonstop for the past 2 days. I almost forgot how totally friggin' awesome they are. Might go see them in Nashville in Feb. Also, I'm still a total sucker for Mike Doughty. He could be singing a song about buying toilet paper at the Kroger or eating a Baby Ruth candy bar and I would still sit there, listening to it with my head cocked to one side, eyes skyward with a dopey grin on my face like it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. Total sucker.

This post is pretty disjointed but I haven't posted in so long (sorry deaner) and I just keep thinking of random things. Lastly, on the random tidbits that you're interested in, I just started to compile my yearly list of Top #5's (albums, shows, movies). It's tough. Esp since I didn't get to listen to damn near any new music the whole time I was evacuated. Mostly I stuck to ELO. But yeah, I was so out of the loop that entire time. Anyway, Top 5's of 2005 coming soon.

np - Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic


DJ said...

Gimme your address! Send it to dj at usagainstthem dot org. I have 3 things for you. Well they're all kinda the same thing...

samantha fay said...

dj, fear not. address sent.

DJ said...

righto... still slacking, but it'll happen.