Thursday, January 12, 2006

B&S induced bliss

I have been listening to Belle and Sebastian ALL DAY. I love them so much. And suddenly, after watching the video for "Funny Little Frog", I want the bf to wear nothing but a form-fitting white v-neck and black pleated slacks for the rest of his life. Stuart Murdoch has such power over me!
Upon my first listen I totally didn't like The Life Pursuit whatsoever but after a couple more I started to dig it. There's just something really 80's Tears For Fears goobery about the music that makes you initially hesitant to give it a chance. But it's totally worth the time and effort. The instrumentation is just a lot different, there are harder sounds on this album than any of the others I think. Once I realised that was what was throwing me off I realised that it DID sound like B&S, just a little differently than I was expecting.
"Funny Little Frog" is a perfect first single for the album too. A classic B&S single.
Marci, the bf, and I are going to witness the magic that is Belle and Sebastian in concert together in Louisville on March 9th. It's going to be so, so wonderful. I can barely see straight. Marci, Carla, Sarah "The Scarf" Jarboe, and I saw them in St. Louis a couple years, after Dear Catastrophe Waitress came out, and I was drunk on B&S for like an entire week following. Maybe more. They have the power to make a girl happy. I'm going to dance the night away.

Belle and Sebastian - "Funny Little Frog" video

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