Friday, March 24, 2006

75 bands!

What have I been doing with the majority of my day, you ask? This, thanks to a myspace bulletin featuring the following photo from Virgin, some promo or something, claiming that there were 75 featured musical artists represented. Once I started searching, of course, I couldn't stop nor was I satisfied with most of the incorrect guesses that were already supplied. Good work though to White Shoes and Porter who identified The B52's and The Talking Heads, respectively.
With a little searching I discovered that there is a bit on the left that gets cut off when you download the photo. So, there are 4 bands that you don't see. Lame. You can see the whole thing on the Virgin page.

Don't look below unless you want to be swayed by all of my answers!

Photo adorned with my answers (71 bands listed. well, 73 if you count the 2 doubles):

Bands that are cut off on the left:
1. Pet Shop Boys
2. Cake
3. Scorpions
4. Skinny Puppy

I like music nerd games.

np - Amy Millan - "Skinny Boy" & The Walkmen - "Louisiana" over and over.


Anonymous said...

you missed jewl. next to the cranberries

Anonymous said...

also the doors between kiss and the cult

Anonymous said...

I had Traffic for the Cars one too...

Anonymous said...

u missed blues bros its not the killers

Anonymous said...

You got a good chunk wrong my friend and there are only 70 according to virgin. Here is the full answer sheet.

Unknown said...

Its the killers