Monday, July 24, 2006

Electrified. Evolve.

Dressy Bessy
The Dame in Lexington, KY

Dressy Bessy are one of the many Elephant 6 spin-off bands; they formed in 1996 and since then having been playing their pixy stix brand, straight up power pop across the land.
Dressy Bessy are a wonderful live band; their magic truly lies not in their music but onstage. Between the band’s striking vintage duds and lead singer Tammy Ealom’s dancing it’s a visual sensation. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter that the band is playing some of the most tightly wound pop songs you’ve ever heard, Ealom wins you over just by a wink of the eye or a leg-kick. Even if you aren’t a fan of their pop music, Dressy Bessy has so much charm that it spills over onto the floor. It’s impossible to resist Tammy Ealom’s leg kicks and the ever-present smile on John Hill’s face. Just try.

The set was varied and would have pleased any fan, songs ranged from old favorites such as “I Saw Cinnamon” and “Just Once More” to newer hits from their 2005 album Electrified like “Second Place” and the title track. Each and every song was played with as much fervor and intensity as the one before it. The band conveyed such energy that it permeated the whole club and had more than half the crowd dancing along with them; it was impressive.
Charmingly, the band seemed to be having as much fun as everyone else because once they finally stopped, they answered the crowd’s pleas for an encore before even leaving the stage. Dressy Bessy like to keep everyone happy and they’re quite good at it.
One of the best things about DB is their commitment to touring. I can rest assured that after loving them tonight, I won’t have to wait too long before I can love them some more.

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