Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thee American Revolution song review

Thee American Revolution – “She’s Coming Down”

On July 4th Mr. William Shears, the mastermind behind the band Thee American Revolution, sent the Elephant 6 weblog, Optical Atlas, his band’s new track, “She’s Coming Down”. According to Shears, this is the very first American Revolution recording. Knowing that, it’s easy to see that the vision of Thee American Revolution is clear; this song makes it evident that TAR want their audience to perceive them in a specific way. They're telling us what to think and feel about their music; it's all done for us. This is heavy, rough, sweaty, psychadelic rock music and you're gonna like it that way!
Proof of this comes in the first few seconds as the song intentionally dates itself with the initial guitar strum, heavy and deliberate, very like “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. Schneider’s vocals are marred and much more drawn out than most of his fans are used to (not too unlike Reg Presley’s). It’s refreshing (if anything about this music is) to hear his vocals utilized in such a novel way.
The remainder of the song is comprised of extended lead guitar, sounding as if it’s being played through a busted amplifier, droning swirls of psychadelia, the ever-present deadened tambourine, and is concluded by a piano/organ played by Shears himself.
If Andy Warhol were still in The Factory today overseeing those seedy, over-intoxicated parties, he would want Thee American Revolution to be playing every one of them.

Follow link to Optical Atlas post and mp3.

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