Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Melody Function demo.

A new Melody Function demo, "Simple Sounds", was completed just last night. It's possible there will be a few slight changes to come but it is basically finished for all intensive purposes. This song is one in the series of Tony's Mexican rock opera. All of the rock opera songs were written in Am and are very dark and booming. Lots of droney feedback with psychedelic guitar riffing but, as always, they still contain that bit of pop to pull you out of the psychedelic k-hole, the flute in this case.
It's funny, when I listen to this song I hear explosions going off in my head (mostly during the in-between verse riffing) yet the lead line is a flute. Now THAT'S a good song!
Tony and Joe have been working on a new Zombies-esque organ based song that is going to be delightful. I'm excited.

Melody Function - Simple Sounds

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