Friday, February 04, 2005

Dress you up in my love.

Sometimes I wish I could be in costume every day. I think back to some of the get-ups that Marci and I have worn in the past and how cool we are, and how we always seemed to get into even more mischief and have more fun when we were dressed like goons. And what about all the instances when we would tell our sonofabitch friends whatever we were dressing up as and they would assume confused looks, "Brides? I dont' get it." And the one year when one of our friends was so drunk she didn't even know who the Mad Hatter and the March Hare were. Jesus, we sure have gone through some jackasses over the years. But always, always, Marci and I run around like dickheads trying to get our costumes ready at the last minute and then all of a sudden we're at Busters dressed as motherfucking Axl & Slash and everyone is freaking out because we look so gd cool. Forever underestimated.
All the Halloweens, the Beaux Arts Balls, Prom at Nick Whitehouse's, drawing names and dressing and behaving as one another all night, Festivus, the Pseudo-Pretentious Cocktail Party, the "Beat It" party (which was bastardized into being just an 80's party), and even our impromptu Tin Foil Party. Marci and I sure know how to throw down.
So, you want evidence? Fine.

Axl & Slash/Marci & Sammy

Well, are we totally 80's or what?


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