Friday, February 04, 2005

Need 'em just a little.

I was just thinking, where oh, where are my beloved Fruit Bats? I miss them so. It's been almost 2 whole years since Mouthfuls was released. And I haven't seen them since that magical evening when they opened up for Iron and Wine at The Dame. And that was during the cold so it's been about a year since then. Too long, I say. According to their website they have a new album coming out in June or so entitled Spelled In Bones. And there was an ep, Tragedy + Time, that sold out in days that I was unaware of. I'm sure it's lovely and with a little perseverance I daresay I will hear it soon! Hopefully I'll get to look at them soon as well.
Until then, I suppose this will have to due.


Christopher said...

Oh Sammy. You are a blogger now. That's great. I hope I inspired you or whatever.

Anyway, yes the Fruit Bats are great and it's very exciting news. I was just thinking about them the other week. "Canary in the Coalmine meets a Needle in the Hay" is pretty much my favorite lyric of any song in existence.

samantha fay said...

Zebra, you pretty much inspire me daily.