Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Does anyone remember the mid-90's mtv gem SQUiRT TV? I know that I will never forget it. Jake Fogelnest and Frankie sent me into fits of laughter throughout many a lonely evening. Dude, I was like 14; I didn't have shit to do at night besides sit on my ass and watch mtv, okay? I imagine the fact that it aired at this point in my life, where everything was suddenly so cool and impressive and original to me has something to do with why I think back on it so nostalgically. But what don't I think back on nostalgically anymore?
Not to say that SQUiRT TV didn't have its moments. Wesley Willis headbutting Jake incessantly, him gifting a black Barbie doll to Janeane Garofalo. Oh, and how damn boring Joey Lauren Adams and Kevin Smith were as interviewees. Cibo Matto broke his bed while performing "Know Your Chicken!" The fact that Jake was resourceful and determined enough (maybe bored enough) to put his own public access show together at 14 is great. He was great at snarky social commentaries and pranking his grandmother of course. He pleaded with AOL to STOP SENDING HIM DISCS! Because he just doesn't have time to load all of their crap on his computer! Also, Frankie went cd shopping with Noise Addict once! Come on, that's totally awesome. And sooo mid-90's. Oh, and Jakey is friends with The State; that's all anyone really needs to win me over.
Clearly, I still have love for Jake Fogelnest, even after I found out he has a livejournal. He also has a radio show with fellow funner Paul Scheer on WXRK in NYC, 10pm - 2am, this Tuesday through Friday. I bet they're going to say lots and bunches of nearly offensive, witty things too. I'm glad to hear that Jake is still out there doing what he's gots to do to get by in this world.

Jake & Claire Danes singing the "Reading Rainbow" theme song.


Le Lion said...

oh. my. god.

you dont know how many times ive tried to talk about this show, and just totally not known where to start...i remember watching it and loving it, but due to a terrible memory i couldnt really recall any facts that would clue people in to what i was talking about. anyway, i was super-psyched to read your post.

found you through christopher/zebra/whatevs-- dont think we ever met, but have enough mutual friends in common so...hi :)

Christopher said...

Squirt TV was really great. I wonder if you can buy it on DVD or download or something. You should find out for us Sammy.

samantha fay said...

le lion, it's true; we do seem to have many a mutual friend. so..hi to you too!

zebra, i'll get on that right away!

may the squirt tv live on through the 3 of us, if not anyone else.