Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Today was a good day.

All of these things came out today:

Arcade Fire - Funeral LP
Though I've had the cd for months and months now, I will have to own this because I am anal. The whole record is a picture disc, with an extension of the album art displayed on it.

Ian Brown - Solarized
I saw the video for "Keep What Ya Got" with Noel Gallagher the other night; it followed the video for "I Wanna Be Adored". It paled in comparison my friends, but I ask you, what wouldn't? Plus, Ian Brown is getting old and haggard; we need to take what we can get. Don't worry, he still has attitude.

Clem Snide - The End Of Love
Yeah, I love Clem Snide and despite all of my pirating efforts I have only heard "Fill Me With Your Light" and well, it sounds like Clem Snide alright.

Crooked Fingers - Dignity and Shame
I haven't listened to much Crooked Fingers but I'm starting slowly. "Islero" is cool; I'm waiting for the rest to grow on me. I'm digging the horns.

Enon - Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence
I think Emily Venters likes this band, maybe we should all ask her about this. They play at Twiropa in a few weeks with Clem Snide so I suppose I'll have to listen to this before then.

Adam Green - Gemstones
He's a novelty artist. The song "Carolina" has the word vagina in it and Amberly said that his cover of the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" made her want to kill herself. It seems like that's all anyone would need to know.

Jeff Hanson - s/t
I just discovered this wonderful man a couple days ago. Dude sings like a lady but he does it so well! He's Elliott Smith and Sean Lennon with the voice of Hilarie Sidney (yep, Apples in Stereo and High Water Marks Hilarie). I swear!

Ida - Heart Like A River
Jenni once made me borrow an Ida cd from her. I was underwhelmed; I think I still am. The music is sooo soft and slow that you might as well just not be listening to anything.

Iron & Wine - Woman King EP
Sam Beam is a good and wonderful man who never ceases to make my life have meaning with every bit of music that he makes. In a word full of emo and rock 'n' roll that caters to the brokenhearted and unloved males he puts out an ep about women, "both archetypal and personal". I love.

Juliette & The Licks - Like a Bolt of Lightning EP
Err, I don't know but it only costs $6.98. Honestly, it doesn't sound all that good. Shocking, I know. Too bad she doesn't have PJ Harvey to write her songs like her character in Strange Days because I remember thinking she wasn't that bad then.

Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
The beginning of the first song on this album sounds like early Shins, or rather Flake Music. It's rockin' 'n' rollin' but nothing too special. They're playing the House of Blues with my favorite Features in March so I'll see if they can stand the test of the live show. Probably those Features will steal the show away though no matter what.

Ben Lee - Awake Is The New Sleep
Claire Danes totally dumped him for Billy Crudup; the fact that he can accomplish anything after having to face that humiliation is commendable. Really though, it's typical Ben Lee. It's sweet and I like to listen to it but the sad truth is and always will be that he never should have recorded Grandpaw Would because nothing he does will ever be as good as that ever again.

Nedelle - From The Lion's Mouth
I also downloaded an mp3 of this fine lady when I was checking out the Jeff Hanson songs on the Kill Rock Stars website. God, go there and listen to it! Oh, the harmonizing! Her songs sound like they should have been featured in the movie Dead Poet's Society.

Robbers On High Street - Tree City
If you've misplaced all of your Spoon cds then this is the band to turn to. Otherwise, ehh.

Josh Rouse - Nashville
I like Josh Rouse; he makes nice music. This album is no exception. I also just read that he has contributed a cover of "It Don't Matter To Me" for a Bread tribute album (Cake does "The Guitar Man"!) and I think that is the greatest and funniest thing ever.

Thievery Corporation - Cosmic Game
I don't get this band but apparently they've "done it again!"

M Ward - Transistor Radio
I hate "Big Boat" but otherwise think that this is a pretty okay album.

And don't forget the I <3 Huckabees divid!
A 2 disc set jam packed with special features, a featurette, PSAs, 700 deleted scenes, music videos and blahdeblah. I say, "yay".

There's also the Kidz Bop #7 that proudly features "Float On' by Modest Mouse alongside "Pieces of Me" by Ashlee Simpson and "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5! Vomit!


steven garrett said...

so you bought all of these?
how the hell does an unemployed person come up with enough greenbacks to buy all of these? are you selling it on the redlight district...that would explain the pic you sent me...catching up on some sleep after a hard night of working? haha just kidding...lub

steven garrett said... that a good movie?
i'm always leary of a movie that has ass loads of stars in it.

samantha fay said...

no way, i didn't buy all of these. so far, i have only purchased I <3 Huckabees and the Iron & Wine ep. i've heard most of this stuff though; i listen to everything before i buy it.

i just watched huckabess again last night and i still like it. it's has some issues it needs to sit down and work out but it's still so fun!

Anonymous said...

ok it's been a week i need an update..steven garrett

DJ said...

I bought the new Clem Snide. It makes me happy on the bus.

samantha fay said...

Marky Mark totally cracks me up in I <3 Huckabees.

ps - He will forever be "Marky Mark" in my heart.