Thursday, March 17, 2005

Attn Hulkamaniacs turned indie rockers:

Of Montreal - So Begins Our Alabee

The album that features this song, The Sunlandic Twins, will be released on April 12th on Polyvinyl Records. This sounds like one of the tracks that Kevin Barnes may have spent days hours upon hours hunched over his laptop with, rearranging everything, slapping in all the sythesizer, the sonic meanderings, and "oh, oh, oh's" in their proper spots. This song picks up right where "Disconnect The Dots", the first single from Of Montreal's last album, Satantic Panic In The Attic, left off. Avant-disco, indeed. Indie rock that you can dance to!

Antony and the Johnsons - Hope There's Someone

Umm, could I possibly love this song more? In fact, I loved this song instantly upon hearing it and since that time, this love has evolved into a burning passion of sorts. This is opening track on the second full length album of Antony's, I Am A Bird Now, released on Secretly Canadian. The song is made up of two things, Antony's voice and Antony's piano. It's amazing the passion that he can envoke through those two simple instruments. There is something very 1950's about the way that Antony sings, the deep, rich tone and vibrato. People don't do that anymore.

So, now that I have posted 2 songs that I genuinely like, I clearly must address another good-for-completely-different-reasons song. And here we go.

Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band - Hulkster In Heaven

Not just kidding. Listen to it; I dare you. AND if you sit through the entire win! It's nearly as bad as Pee Wee Herman's classic "The Bird's The Word". Concerning that matter, I can't make it through the whole thing in one sitting but don't worry, I have the 7 inch. I sort of want to say a lot more things concerning the ALBUM "Hulk Rules" by Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band but that may make my head explode. However, you can purchase it on Amazon. As you will see it features other worthy tunes such as "Hulkster's In The House", "Hulkster's Back", "Hulk's The One", "Hulk Rules" and "Beach Patrol" (?). I wonder which is worse, this or "Be A Man" by the Macho Man Randy Savage. It looks like the Macho Man's album has a little more variation to it; though I just looked at the titles of the songs and ventured that guess. OH YEEEAAHHH!


Anonymous said...

haha i just went to amazon and listend to macho man's samples. it was rap..hip hop whatever the kids are calling it. i imagine it was better than hulk hogan's. did you know that hulk hogan has a daughter that is trying to make it in the music biz? brooke hogan i think...she is her father. he should have stuck to wrestling..i mean you can fake that you can't fake singing..well i guess you can but you eventually get caught ala milli now
st. even garrett

DJ said...

Of Montreal didn't sound anything like that when I saw them in '02. I was kinda bored then so this is a welcome change. Secretly Canadian rules.

Christopher said...

I think the Moldy Peaches did a cover of the Hulkamaniac song.

DJ said...

Damn. I hadn't listened to the Antony and the Johnsons song until tonight. Secretly Canadian has always had this knack for picking out honestly original one-man-band acts. This guy sounds like a cross between Nina Simone and a Theramin. Fuck yeah. I have more than a few Secretly Canadian stories from back in the day but I've been out of the loop lately. I tried like mad to get Songs:Ohia to Lexington but then he released The Lioness and got too big for his pants. We managed to get Swearing at Motorists, though. My friend at Three Imaginary Girls is planning a Secretly Canadian-style Indie Rock Kickball Tourny here, like a smaller version of Bloomingtonfest. Whoops, I'm babbling. Little coffee. My point: Thanks for reminding me of this label's capacity.

samantha fay said...

yay! I am glad that you like Antony. I can't get enough myself.