Monday, March 14, 2005

She'll bring the good stuff

Nathalie Nordnes - Join Me In The Park

The Norwegians are in practice of perfecting the airy, bubbley pop music lately. Nathalie has officially joined the Sondre Lerche/Annie Club. I would definitely meet her in the park.


DJ said...

My sister (16) lives in Bergen. She assures me that "NO ONE listens to that stuff here. We just export it." I asked her what she & her friends listen to.

"Chingy.", she says.

Again, she's 16.

samantha fay said...

Earlier today I was looking for the new Clem Snide cd in the store and came upon the Chingy cd. (I was mistakenly looking in the hip hop section because I am apparently incompetent.) Red Flag! Not even I listened to that type of shit when I was 16! It doesn't seem to add up that you sister can grasp the concept of exportation yet listens to that bad, bad music.

I think if the Scandanavians listened to more of the airy pop music that they export maybe their depression/suicide rate would decrease. That's my theory.

samantha fay said...

Also, I wanted to add that neither Sondre Lerche or Annie are as good as Nathalie Nordnes. Sondre Lerche is okay and Annie is okay to sucky. Nathalie Nordnes is consistently good. I just wanted to make my feelings on this matter clear because I don't think they were initially.