Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mmm, meat.

Salami floormats... Now, that's funny!

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scribe called steff said...

Nothing to do with your post, but just happened onto your blog. I dig your taste in music! Have much the same taste myself, and I've got to turn you onto a really, really cool Norweigian electronica dude named UGRESS. Go to

There are scads of free FULL-SONG mp3 downloads. I recommend you try "Spider Eyes," which is an instrumental take on the Spider-Man Theme song, with this wicked jazzy-electronica/calypso-flavoured number.

Another song I love is a sampled masterpiece about the gullibility of TV-viewers: "Reason to Believe."

Anyhow, like I said, first-time caller. Loved listening to your show. The reception's shitty in my 'hood, but I'll tune in again. (my profile don't work)

* * *

OH! M. Ward on album SUCKS compared to his live shows! He's a frickin' guitar god, live. MUCH more aggressive. 4a.m. In Washington Square was incredibly good live, as was the first track on the album. The guy's double-jointed! It shows. But the album? What an incredibly understated, almost muted effort. No justice at all, man. None.