Tuesday, June 28, 2005

just outside of Louisville

Yeah, that looks about right.

The trailer and a "first look", super duper long trailer are finally up for Elizabethtown. The website claims that it is going to be in theatres (only!) in October 2005. The movie actually looks really cheesy and like it's probably pretty bad. If the trailers are an accurate depiction of the film then I am going to be so sick of looking at Orlando Bloom's face by the time it's over. Mostly though, I just hope that no matter how bad it is, that it is NOT a Garden State 2. God, that would be fucking tragic. But, what the hell; it's Cameron Crowe, right? He's good; he knows what he's doing. And he loves music, so at least it's a pretty sure thing that the soundtrack will contain lots of fun twists and turns. He is still championing Elton John, as evidenced in the longer trailer. Oh, and the boys (all except for the keyboard player, I think?) from My Morning Jacket are in the movie as well, which I think is pretty cool. Cameron is keeping it hometown proud by casting a band from Louisville. But it seems that they are not appearing the movie as My Morning Jacket but just as the band in which one of the characters, Jessie, plays drums. Hopefully there are some nice landscape shots of the KY in all its green glory. I'll go see the movie just for that. Oh, and to reminisce on the night when Loudon, Kirsten and Orlando came to Lexington and we took Kirsten and Orlando to The Bar, where they proceeded to not dance because they were too stoned. And I was too loaded to form complete sentences so I didn't much try to talk to them. Kirsten only had eyes for Clint anyway. They were very nice though. I'm just sad that Paul Schneider, who was also in All The Real Girls, didn't come. Or Judy Greer (she played Kitty, the assistant in Arrested Development). She is hilarious! But I am very thankful that there was no Jessica Biel popping up at The Dame that night. I can't imagine what it's like to have to look at her face in real life! Yikes. But Orlando and Kirsten were representing properly on their own. And all of us have this unlikely story to tell all of our friends forever and ever. Whenever I tell someone about meeting them the reaction is always, "What??!! You met them in Lexington? Blah blah. What the hell were they doing there?!" I keep trying to tell everyone, Lexington's where it's at. No one listens. I get no respect.

regular trailer

the longest trailer of all time


steven garrett said...

hey sammy..
i wonder who "the man" is?...i thought i knew but it wasn't that person...some stranger...just a hater...thanks for sticking up for me...i guess you are part of the nextists anyways right...if i don't see it first...let me know when you need backup!lub s

samantha fay said...

random haters that post mean things on people's blogs are supremely lame.
i'll always stick up for you stevie.

Le Lion said...

i just watched the "longest trailer in the history of time". i have decided the following:
1. it looks as though it has the potential to be all Garden State-y, which would suck.
2. but, Cameron Crowe is awesome, so hopefully itll pull through.
3. i do not find Orlando Bloom attractive.
4. i think Kirsten Dunst is super-hot.
5. Loudon Wainwright rules.
6. i miss kentucky.

samantha fay said...

yesterday my roommate and i were talking about Elizabethtown (they totally showed the trailer before War Of The Worlds) and she said, "I wonder if after he saw Garden State Cameron Crowe was like, "Shit! That's my script!'"
i think Orlando Bloom gets less and less attractive as time goes on. i remember thinking he was the prettiest man i had ever seen when i first saw him in Fellowship of the Ring. maybe it was the elf ears.
and i agree about Loudon Wainwright ruling.