Friday, June 24, 2005


It's official; I am spending July 1st - the 10th in the ever exciting land of Kentucky! I am oh, so happy that I will be hugging and kissing all of my far away friends again. My mom and little bro too. I can only be invited to my 3 year old brother's house to play in his room with him while watching the Spongebob Movie so many times before I completely cave. He's quite phone savvy, that one. That coupled with his preternatural (thank you, Royal Tenenbaums) understanding of the little kid guilt trip makes his demands that I visit nearly impossible to oppose.

I did not get him stoned previous to the taking of that photo; that's just how he looks. Except for he usually has a shirt on and pants off. Other than my babe, Mark, I hope to spend lots of quality time with the likes of Marci a-go-go, Robert effin Schneider, Zebra, JNI, Nickalicious, Tony, Greg B, Seandd and etc etc. (Steven, how often do you come visit?) It would be nice to come across some other folks like Rock and Honey, Shannon, Nan, Clint, EmilyV and her wee babe but we're all too backward to try to call one another to arrange something so hopefully at least some of us will find ourselves getting loaded in a similar area of town. There aren't too many choice spots to do that in either so I look forward to everyone and their dog getting the chance to ask me about how unbearably hot it is here in the NO. And it is.
The Cloud Room are playing at the Southgate House while I am home so I think I'll probably go look at them. There was a little talk about them a couple months ago because Arcade Fire was spotted at one of their shows. I heard one of their songs, "Hey Now Now", which I thought was just regular at the time. But apparently, according to their website, CMJ claims it is fit for an iPod commercial. That's serious talk.
Land of the Dead opens today. Amberly is so psyched to see it that she can barely see straight. At least the undead in this one are not fast-moving like in the Dawn of the Dead remake. That will make them far less scary, at least to me. I hope. I'm totally interested to see a modern George Romero zombie movie though. We're going tomorrow night; I am hopeful that it is going to be awesome.

np - Electrelane - "Birds"

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