Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mtv = suckfest

This starts next Tuesday. I think I may meet Robert and Marci there for Friday and Saturday. I'll get to see Of Montreal, Circulatory System and Marbles, plus numerous other bands that I will probably enjoy. More than that though, I'll get to see Robert and Marci's shining faces and we can shake our asses together.
I thought for sure the "special guest" was going to be The Olivia Tremor Control since they have played a few shows this year. Not so.
Amberly and I are going to meet the Cocaine Bros at The Saint later tonight. The fact that we are hanging out with men we have dubbed "Cocaine Bros" does not necessarily mean that we will be ingesting said illegal substances. It just means that we will be staring at attractive mens is all. Just to clarify. I don't want everyone to think I'm all coked up all the time or something. The three of us hung out with Brother Tom again last weekend and we discovered that the Brothers were indeed brothers! We always suspected but never knew for sure.
And since when did "Mtv" become an acronym for "all hip-hop, all the time" aka "suckfest"?


Le Lion said...

dude, you HAVE to check out Scoutt Niblett and also the Love Letter Band. i saw LLB when i very first moved to LA, and it was just this guy and girl playing weird instruments like a little kids toy piano and stuff. dunno how theyve evolved, but it was really cute. nice boy too.

and yes, MTV = total suckfest.
but VH1 classic = awesome city.

samantha fay said...

i'll being seeing ALL the bands that play while I am there, for sure. AND Robert can apparently get me tickets gratis since he's performing and all.
Is it a rule that you have to play toy pianos if you're in a band from Athens?