Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It'll blow your mind away.

Noisycrane - Portmanteau album review

Noisycrane has evolved a lot over the past year; it started as the solo endeavor of lead singer/guitarist Cody Swanson, but soon grew with the accretion of Sean Rose on drums and Jon-Austin Tharpe on bass. In the early days of the band, with Swanson and Rose performing as a duet, they sweated post-punk rawness, but with additions to the band and the natural evolution of their combined songwriting, it has become clear that where there has always been depth, there is also a degree of inherent sophistication as well. The band’s self-recorded and produced debut album, Portmanteau, is proof of that.

“Carnival,” the album’s shortest and only instrumental track, features accordions, xylophones, and saws all singing together, embracing just the right amount of whimsy and mischief. “123” is a prime example of a band at their best; the music and vocals compliment one another perfectly and the d.i.y. production seems to lend itself perfectly to the tone of this specific song. Throughout the ten tracks on Portmanteau, Noisycrane has illustrated that music doesn’t have to be insufferable to be interesting! Far from it, in fact.

Portmanteau is for sale at CD Central and at noisycrane.com.

1. Trust The Moon
2. I'm Walking Through The Room And You're Asleep
3. Carnival
4. Hold Out Love
5. Room Alone
6. Your Shape
7. Walking And Stalking
8. 123
9. You Are Royalty
10. Smooth And Calm

Check the band's myspace page for musical samples.


Marlowe said...

you gotta love an ablum called portmanteau, since that's a word invented by lewis carroll!

Anonymous said...

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